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Sleeping Beauty is based on the traditional fairytale and has been well received in many schools. The easy catchy songs enhance the script. You are about to order the full version as a download. This downloadable version of our popular “Sleeping Beauty”  is a lovely musical play for a whole primary school show. Follow the story of a protective king and his beautiful daughter as they navigate through an evil fairy's curse. With the help of a good fairy, the princess is able to avoid death but falls into a deep sleep for a hundred years. This play is perfect for primary age group 7-11 and is sure to captivate their imaginations. Download now and bring the magic of Sleeping Beauty to your classroom or stage. Supplied with audio tracks, script, and score. Price includes performance licence for schools/ clubs.

CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS OF THIS PLAY with cast details, script sample and song samples.

Also available as a script with CD or as a short assembly version.







Don't worry. All our plays come with a FREE licence which permits you to perform them three times to any school audience. This licence can be renewed or extended very cheaply.