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The Magic Xmas Toyshop is an energetic and child-friendly script/CD that is sure to be a hit with young performers. The story follows a group of toys that come alive to thwart a burglary in their magical toyshop. This fun and exciting Christmas play is perfect for a large cast and is suitable for ages 5-13 to perform. Plus, with a free licence included, it's easy to bring this delightful holiday story to life. Visit for fuller details if you have not yet done so.

Also available instantly and more cheaply as a download

The Magic Xmas Toyshop (Script/CD)

SKU: EPtoy-scd

Introducing The Magic Xmas Toyshop! This energetic and child-friendly script/CD is the perfect addition to your Christmas plays collection. The story revolves around a group of toys that come alive to thwart a burglary, making it an exciting and engaging performance for kids aged 5-13. With a flexible large cast, this fabulous, funny, and enjoyable Christmas musical is sure to be a hit with your young actors and audience. Plus, the play comes with a free licence for your convenience. Get the full details of The Magic Xmas Toyshop at