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The books in a library are squabbling about who is the most important book in the library. And they.are grumbling because they are hardly ever taken off the shelves! They decide to go on a march to show everyone how important and valuable they are!  The play features a lengthy song “The Book Parade” with unison singing, individual parts and plenty of marching action. All the children in the class should take part in the “book parade”. Depending on the size of the class, you must decide whether they do this all at once or in groups.

Audio included : Track 1: “The Book Parade” ……with vocals

                                 Track 2  “The Book Parade” ……without vocals

                         Optional: You can customize this play, depending on the talents in the class. For instance, if you have a ballet “expert” he/she can dress as a ballet instruction book and give a brief ballet demonstration. The same applies to children who are “experts” in other areas e.g. football, swimming, other sports, photography, martial arts, boxing, scouting, playing the trumpet etc etc.


Costumes/ Scenery : The children wear colourful “Sandwich boards” made of cardboard, depicting a range of fiction and non-fiction book covers, magazines, comics, newspapers etc. You need to make these in an art lesson beforehand!  Alternatively, the children can carry “Big Books” around the stage. No scenery is needed, but a selection of “Big Books” could be displayed on stage.

The Book Parade (Download)

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