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You are about to buy the script/cd version. It is also available as a download. KS2 50 min. Price includes: photocopiable script, songsheets, CD with vocals and backing tracks, score, free performance licence for schools/clubs. Suitable for all year round. Great parts for boys as well as girls– Don’t let the title fool you! This is a very popular large cast comedy play for primary schools and drama clubs. It will need at least 15, hopefully more, players to make it viable. This is a fantastic play, suitable for the inclusion of reticent children or children with EAL or special needs. The script is supported by 24 audio tracks containing 11 modern catchy songs, each with vocals (for rehearsing) and backing tracks (for performance) No musical ability needed, and the play comes with a free performance licence.

The Story: Miss Pettigrew is an ordinary teacher dreading the imminent arrival of the school inspector. Mr Slake is a tough PE teacher who runs a boxing club. Sam, the school caretaker and Doris the cleaner are in love. Doris thinks it's about time he proposed to her. Brian is the school bully, with a reputation . Tommy is a naughty school boy who thinks he hates school but ends up loving it! Bill and Jill are brother and sister and are unpleasant to each other. One night, after they are fighting, Bill's wobbly tooth is knocked out. Tanya the tooth fairy visits. However, because Bill and Jill do not believe in fairies, the wicked witch arrives, takes control and orders that all birthdays are cancelled this year. She arranges for two burglars to steal all the birthday presents downstairs. But luckily Tanya regains her magic and the children's toys come alive to thwart the burglars. A policeman escorts them away. Butthe story isn't over yet. The witch re-appears and takes Tanya's magic ring. Without it, Tanyais powerless. The witch thinks it will be fun to send Tanya to school as an ordinary schoolgirl. There is a boxing match, in which Slimbo unexpectedly defeats the school bully. The school inspector is impressed by Tanya's mathematical skills, and also by MissPettigrew who turns out to be his long lost lover. And of course, Doris and Sam end up making their marriage vows! Absolute hokum? Yes! Do the children and audience love it?YES!!!!!

Tanya the Tooth Fairy (SCRIPT and CD)

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