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A collection of short musical plays about food.

“Food for Thought” from Magic Parrot Productions, 14 Bolton Close, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2JG, England
Tel: 020 8397 2569 
A collection of enjoyable short easy musical plays with a “food” theme, each 10-15 mins long. Great for assemblies throughout the year. They are also ideal items for a modern harvest festival or a thanksgiving presentation, or just use them in class. Each short script is supported by  child-friendly songs (with backing tracks to sing along to.) Some plays have an overtly Christian theme. All the materials are all on a dual format CD.

Also available as an instant download. You can customize the scripts to your own needs and print them out at your convenience. Note: You do not receive any printed materials- everything is on the CD. 

Target age range: 5-11 years, (and special needs pupils)

10 Songs (Vocal tracks and backing tracks)

Lyrics Sheets (to make OHP transparencies)

Free (basic) sheet music (melody-line/chords

Free performance licence for schools/clubs.

No musical ability needed. Simply play the instrumental backing tracks! (But sheet music is included on the CD if needed) 

You will receive a CD containing these musical plays:


Little Red Hen

The Gingerbread Man

Stone Soup

A Not-So-English Breakfast

A Simple Loaf of Bread

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes

The Story of Harvest Festival

Food for Thought (Scripts and CD)

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