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Noah and the Rainbow Boat 

Musical version of the Noah's Ark story. Available as a compelling 50 minute musical play for AGES 5-11, or as a short assembly play lasting 20-25 mins. Written as a whole primary school venture but easily adapted for KS1. Editable script, audio tracks with vocals and backing tracks, basic score and free  performance licence. No musical ability needed- just sing along. GREAT ORIGINAL MODERN SONGS, SOUND EFFECTS, etc. WELL RECEIVED BY SCHOOLS AND CHURCHES! Many schools say  this  is our best show. Lots of fun to act and sing!

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Noah and the Rainbow Boat 

Long Version £40.00    45 min

Short Version £22.45   20 min

A wonderful musical play for Children aged 6-13. Supplied with Audio, Script, Songsheets, simple score. Price includes 
performance licence for schools.  No musical ability needed if the children sing along to the backing tracks.
Flexible casting. At least 15 main parts, plus choir if d

LONG VERSION: This is a large cast play. It needs 15 players to make it viable, although there is scope for doubling up of roles to reduce the cast numbers. The script is supported by 30 audio tracks- 7 original modern catchy songs, movement/dance routines, sound effects etc. Each song has vocals (for rehearsing) and backing tracks (for performance). 

SHORT VERSION: Same cast but shorter script and fewer songs. Adaptable for KS1.



Noah and his family are hard-working, honourable people, in contrast to the wild people of the valley. The song "So many jobs" is a cheerful action song depicting the daily chores undertaken by Noah and his family.
God is angry with the "wild people" who are spoiling the world by littering, fighting, stealing etc.  Noah is told by God that a big flood will be sent. Noah must build an ark to preserve each species of animal and to save his family and thus mankind. The  wild people are sceptical and conflict occurs when they attempt to destroy the ark. 
At last the ark is ready, and all the worldly creatures congregate
nearby, summoned by God. A final attack on the ark is thwarted with help from the animals. The animals board the boat , the storm starts, and the voyage begins.
When the storm abates, the food is running low and there is a wistful song "Will it All Be for Nothing?". Noah sends the raven and the dove to seek out dry land.The raven fails, but the dove brings back an olive twig in its beak, signifying dry land nearby.
God sends a lovely rainbow over the world, and announces his promise to never send another flood.The play ends in celebratory mood with a rocky song - "Well done Mr Noah"

CAST LIST (Same for both versions):

Flexible-  Minimum of 15 boys/girls
Wife of Noah
Sons: Shem, Ham, Japheth
Wife of Shem, Wife of Ham, Wife of Japheth
Wild valley people including:
Tribe leader
Jeerer 1, Jeerer 2, Jeerer 3
Cruel woman and child
2 Peasants (Fight with sticks)
Wild deer and hunter
Animals of your choice!  


Specific Animals:

Dove(s) (for creative dance sequence),
2 Monkeys
2 big cats (lions or tigers etc)
2 elephants
Singers (Singers will be normally be costumed or face-painted as various animals) 

Hear some songs:

Let's Build a Boat -
Will it All Be for Nothing? -
Oh, Mr. Noah! -
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