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Following the huge successes of Uncle Crumble and Nathan's Nightmare, I'd like to order a script and CD of Just Call Me the Pied Piper! please.


Louise Hepburn


Dunrobin Primary School



Uncle Crumble's Mad Machine- REVIEW

On Tuesday September 27 the Unstoppables and Future Force performed their production - UNCLE CRUMBLE's MAD MACHINE.

We did a dress rehearsal performance in the morning for the Creative Critters, and in the evening we did a performance for friends, family and the community.  It was a huge success.

A huge thanks to all those who were involved in producing this awesome event!

Congrats to all the students, teachers, teacher aides and Mr B. I am incredibly proud of you all. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow in confidence and skill over the last term and a bit. This will be a show that you will remember for many years to come. What an experience for you all and thanks for a wonderful experience for your audience. Mr Larsen :)


Well done to THE UNSTOPPABLES. I loved your Uncle Crumble production. The way you used the lighting, video clips and the wonderful acting, singing and dancing made it a very exciting show. I remember when a lot of you were in the Baby Whale show at The Orchard and The Good Enough to Eat show when you were in the juniors, and I thought you guys were pretty fantastic then, but your confidence and abilty now is really great.

I agree! What a stunning show. You can all be so proud of yourselves - the long hard work really paid off. The fast pace, exciting story and great songs made it so enjoyable.

Mr Scott commented that this was the best primary school production he's seen (and he has seen a few over the years!)

Congratulations to you What a super show. Well done to all the Unstoppable and Future Force students who did so well. I am proud of you all.

A special thank you to Mr Ballantyne for all the superb work he did to make it happen.

atch crumble cd label new pic only.JPG

Uncle Crumble's Mad Machine!

Ages 5-13  £40.00 

A fabulous comical romp featuring a time 
machine, a 60's pop group, hippies, Caesar, belly dancers, Tinface the Robot, acrobats, lions, gladiators! VERY POPULAR SHOW, ANY TIME OF YEAR. Lots of movement and dance. Large
flexible cast.


You get: Adaptable script, vocal and backing tracks, sound FX, PIANO SCORE, free licence. This play is very popular and hilarious, for any time of year. "Stagecoach" UK have used this play effectively. There are dance and movement sequences embedded in the script e.g. belly dancers, lions, acrobats, gladiators, pop stars. You will need a cast of 15 or preferably more to make this play viable.There are a number of short and non-speaking parts which are ideal for the inclusion of reticent or special needs pupils.

The story: Uncle Crumble is an eccentric inventor. 
His latest creation is a "Celestial Sonic Fission Date Travel Converter". (A what? - A time machine, of course.) The children go on adventures through time. In ancient Rome, you will be stunned by the acrobats and amazed by the power of the strongman who can break rocks with his bare hands. You will be mesmerized by the exotic dancers and frightened by the vicious lions. You will be appalled by the tyranny of Caesar (although the poor emperor is henpecked by the glamorous Cleo.) The children invite you back to 1967 to glimpse the "flower power" people of the swinging sixties. Can you do easy sums such as 487 x 36? If not, watch out for Tinface the robot in the futuristic school in two hundred years' time. Will Mark fall in love with Sally? Will Fido and Jasper the lions get their din-dins? Will Larry's flared trousers ever come back into fashion? Will the mad machine leave the children stranded in time? These and other vital questions will be answered in front of your very eyes.

Hear a few of the songs:

We are Hippies!!! - Unknown Artist
Tinface the Robot -
Uncle Crumble's Mad Machine -
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