Following the huge successes of Uncle Crumble and Nathan's Nightmare, I'd like to order a script and CD of Just Call Me the Pied Piper! please.


Louise Hepburn


Dunrobin Primary School



Uncle Crumble's Mad Machine- REVIEW

On Tuesday September 27 the Unstoppables and Future Force performed their production - UNCLE CRUMBLE's MAD MACHINE.

We did a dress rehearsal performance in the morning for the Creative Critters, and in the evening we did a performance for friends, family and the community.  It was a huge success.

A huge thanks to all those who were involved in producing this awesome event!

Congrats to all the students, teachers, teacher aides and Mr B. I am incredibly proud of you all. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow in confidence and skill over the last term and a bit. This will be a show that you will remember for many years to come. What an experience for you all and thanks for a wonderful experience for your audience. Mr Larsen :)


Well done to THE UNSTOPPABLES. I loved your Uncle Crumble production. The way you used the lighting, video clips and the wonderful acting, singing and dancing made it a very exciting show. I remember when a lot of you were in the Baby Whale show at The Orchard and The Good Enough to Eat show when you were in the juniors, and I thought you guys were pretty fantastic then, but your confidence and abilty now is really great.