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The Greatest gift of All -
Nativity Scene
The Greatest Gift of All   £30.00 including licence
A really lovely Christmas Nativity play with 10 original songs. The songs are poignant, and uniquely beautiful. The script is  short and succinct, presented mainly as a simple narration. Highly suitable for a primary school or church group. Approx 30 mins. Schools sometimes add their own repertoire of Christmas songs and readings to extend it. The price includes script, CD, Powerpoint, piano score, and free licence. Order as a printed script with CD or as a download, and pay online.
(UK schools can email and pay later by invoice if desired)
If this play proves unsuitable after all, it can be swapped immediately for an alternative.

Hear some of the Songs:

The Greatest Gift of All -
Shepherds were dozing -
Everybody Come -
Gabriel's Song (complete) -
Mary and Joseph Lullaby -
Come inside (complete) -

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