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Daniel in the Lions DeN

Daniel in the Lions Den- A Christian mus


Ages 7-13  £22.45   20 mins 

Daniel is an official in Babylon and is well liked by King Darius. The other officials are jealous of Daniel. They trick Darius into signing a law making it illegal to pray to any God except him. Daniel continues to pray to his own God, and Darius sadly has to have him arrested and thrown into the lions' den. Darius is upset by this and he cannot eat, sleep or be entertained by his exotic dancers. However, God protects Daniel and the lions do not harm him. The tricksters are thrown into the lions' den instead. This is a wonderful enjoyable musical play supported by three great original songs and an exotic dance number. No musical ability is needed if you use the backing tracks to sing along to.

Preview the Script and Hear Some Tracks :

Amazing! Daniel is ALIVE! -
I Cannot Sleep Tonight -
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