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In a Garden in China- an ancient Chinese tale presented as a primary school musical
The Chinese zodiac- an action assembly play for KS1 and 2

CHINESE NEW YEAR         £12.99  20-25 MINS for ANY TIME OF YEAR


The animals get a year named after them. Lovely! Easy! Colourful! Good for a whole class assembly at any time of year. Best seller! For ages 6 to 11

(2 action songs, 1 dragon dance instrumental and sound effects) You will receive:  AUDIO TRACKS,EDITABLE SCRIPT, SCORE, and SONGSHEETS, FREE PERFORMANCE LICENCE.

Who shall we choose? -
The Animal Race -

"This extended assemby brightened up our school corridor and led to some fantastic art work. The chidren and parents thought it was a great show.

Colourful and funny."

G Chambers, Hill View Primary School

Dragon Dance -
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