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"Acting Up!"

Easy Primary School Plays for busy teachers

A collection of ten drama pieces, ideal for larger classes in Key Stages One and Two. Unusual and inspiring, they cost next to nothing to stage. The entire collection is priced at £22.45 to download, thus each piece costs £2.00 and includes a free performance licence for up to 3 non-commercial shows to any sized audience. For commercial use please email first. Available to download from: Magic Parrot Productions, 14 Bolton Close, Chessington, Surrey, KT9 2JG, England Tel: 020 8397 2569

• Fun and entertaining drama for children
• Improvised sections to aid individual interpretation and group exploration
• Easily edited for the teacher to allow for variations in resources and time • Resource requirements made easy with costume and props lists
• Economical and uncomplicated staging
• Cohesion with subjects of the National Curriculum Key Stages One and Two • Selections covering subjects such as PHSE, History, Geography and English • Geared to larger classes
• Ideal for Drama Clubs and assembly presentations

Let Magic Parrot Easy Primary School Plays help you bring drama into your school's curriculum. Our plays are designed to be easy to perform, while still providing a valuable learning experience. Whether you are an experienced drama teacher or someone who is just getting started, our collection has something for everyone. And the best part? Our plays are free to perform, so you can put on a great show without breaking the bank!

Red Riding Hood-a timeless fairytale masterpiece for KS1/2
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