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Easy Primary school plays to act, sing and dance!
Easy Primary School Musicals Our exciting selection of short plays introduce scripted drama into your classroom. These easy musicals are ideal for assemblies and literacy, health education and religious studies.
 easy musical plays for primary school plays, musical playscript for spring, summer and EASTER
easy musical plays from Magic Parrot- Chrstmas, nativity,pantomime,comedy,kS1,KS2, christian plays

Excite and Motivate them!!    Put on a great Play!     

We supply musical playscripts to primary schools. We hope you will join over 5000 UK schools and 100s more overseas who have performed our musical plays. We are proud to provide our productions at a very low cost. Our plays are popular in schools, churches and drama clubs worldwide. We have comedies, seasonal plays, Christmas plays, Christian resources, PSHE plays, fables, fairytales, Easter plays, leavers presentations, and assemblies to thrill children of ages 5-13.  All our plays include a FREE performance licence. They come with an editable script, vocal tracks, backing tracks, songheets and a basic score. You can download our plays or have a printed script and CD instead. Downloads are cheapest and most convenient, because they arrive instantly and do not incur a postal charge. 

 Group of Y6 teens holding up certificat
easy musical plays for primary school- Snow White and the 7 dwarves, all year round, KS2
An easy primary school musical play- Beauty and the Beast

At Magic Parrot Easy Primary School Plays, we understand how important it is to provide children with the opportunity to perform for their peers and family members. That's why we offer a wide variety of plays that are both affordable and easy to put on. All of our plays are designed to be accessible, child-friendly and simple to perform, in schools, churches and drama clubs. We specialize in comedies, Summer plays, Christmas plays, PSHE plays, fables, fairytales, Easter plays, assemblies and leavers presentations. Plus, all of our plays come with a FREE performance licence, making them an even more attractive option.

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